About us

Our vision is to let the world know that Greece is a country for top performance training, fun and sports, while our mission is to promote less-famous places in Greece, of extreme beauty, to develop through sports in a sustainable and healthy manner. 

We love sports and we love bringing people together. Our team members have been playing sports for years and admittedly our best moments were when we were abroad with our teammates and friends for training camps and games. 

Knowing the importance of such moments, we committed to deliver first class training camps for your club and athletes. 


We organise training camps in some of the most beautiful places in Greece for various different sports. 

From booking the right facilities, to finding the most appropriate accommodation and organise outdoor activities we are here to build the right program to your club’s needs. 

Our commitment is to take care of everything from the very first moment your team arrives,  while the only thing you need to do is to train and have fun.

So, if you believe that your team would appreciate to go abroad and train hard, while also have the opportunity to discover some hidden Greek paradises – we are here to organise everything for you.